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Empressive Salon is the brainchild of beauty industry veteran Vania Walker, who has been serving clients in excellence for over 15 years. Vania is a multi-talented hairstylist who is deeply passionate about providing healthy and stylish Haircare options for all textures and types of hair.


Known for her customer service, Vania builds a custom experience for each client based on their specific style objectives and needs. Vania’s experience has extended to special events, weddings, and many professional photoshoots throughout her career. She has experience working in the TV Industry, as well as work with celebrities such as Michele Williams of Destiny’s Child.


In 2019, Vania opened Empressive Salon where she provides a laid back yet glamourous atmosphere for her beloved client base, who she refers to as “Empresses” and “Emperors”. Clients are sure to leave each services “empressed” by Vania’s skills and her genuinely fun personality.

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